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Curl gssapi

Curl gssapi

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Note: This was working for version Output curl -v --negotiate -u Looks like curl was built with gssapi support instead of windows sspi. I've compiled curl with both libssl2 and gssapi support, but I can't seem to get curl to attempt gssapi authentication. Here's my (verbose) output. I'm trying to compile curl again a GSS-API library and have the MIT configure -- enable-debug --enable-maintainer-mode --with-gssapi.

Caveat: the Windows versions of curl are compiled to support the Microsoft SSPI libraries, not the GSSAPI libraries that are required by Hadoop. Connecting curl through a kerberized SOCKS proxy fails; curl is not working through a socks proxy because it tries to connect using GSSAPI. Bug - Curl command line No longer supports GSSAPI Delegation the ability to do Kerberos TGT forwarding via GSSAPI Delegation.

Hi everyone, I'm trying to do a recompile on curl I can get curl to compile with everything that I need except one feature which is. Package: curl Version: Severity: wishlist Tags: sid Would you please compile curl with GSSAPI support, which would enable the usage of the -- negotiate. This option requires a library built with kerberos4 > or GSSAPI curl versions up to and including worked without GSSAPI > (which I. cURL and libcurl contain a vulnerability that could allow a remote attacker to gain access to sensitive information. The vulnerability exists.


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