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Lower limb ppt presentation

Lower limb ppt presentation

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Lower Limb Leg. 1. ANATOMY OF THE LEGBy:Dr: Mohammed Faez; 2. The LegIt is the portion between the knee and. Bones of the Lower Limb. Function: Locomotion; Carry weight of entire erect body ; Support; Points for muscular attachments. Components: Thigh. Femur. Knee. Registered in England and Wales No: | Registered office: Fairfax House, 15 Fulwood Place, London WC1V 6A. The Lower Limb. Consists of;.

Frolich, Human Anatomy, Lower LImb. Joints of Lower Limb. Hip (femur + acetabulum). Ball + socket; Multiaxial; Synovial. Knee (femur + patella). Plane; Gliding. 3 Organization of the Lower Limb Gluteal region- between iliac crest superiorly and gluteal fold inferiorly Thigh- Anteriorly between inguinal ligament and knee. Organization of the Lower Limb. Most illustrations from: Thieme Atlas of Anatomy: Musculoskeletal System. M Schuenke, et al, Anatomy: A Regional Atlas.

lowerlimb. Dr. Banafshe Esmaeilzade, M.S., Ph.D. Deptartment of Anatomy. Bushehr Univ. of Medical Sciences. Organization of the Lower Limb. Muscles of the Lower Limb. Iliacus (part of iliopsoas). ORIGIN: Iliac fossa (ilium); crest of os coxa; ala (sacrum). INSERTION: lesser trochanter. The nerves entering the lower limb provide the following important functions: The lumbar plexus is formed by the anterior rami of spinal nerves L1 to L3 and. Temporary haemostasis by manual compression of the vessels of the lower limb: 1 a. Femuralis on the middle of the inguinal fold by compressing to the pubic.


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