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My galaxy presentation for Science Proficiency. Our galaxy, the Milky Way has some billion stars all together. The biggest galaxies out there have more than a guest2dc5cb · Stars galaxies powerpoint. reddonna. Galaxy - a group of billions of stars and their planets, gas, and dust that extends over many thousands of light-years and forms a unit within the universe. in which this powerpoint may be used or altered. Stars; Gas and dust (Nebulae ); Star clusters; Galaxies Spiral galaxy--Andromeda.

Spiral Galaxies. Elliptical Galaxies. Irregular Galaxies. Classification of Galaxies. Properties of Galaxies. 50%. 20%. 30%. Fraction. Not a lot. no. Yes (disk). The Universe of Galaxies. A Brief History. - Galileo. - Galileo resolves the Milky Way into stars. – Hershel maps the Milky Way. – Hershel. Galaxy Classification. In , Edwin Hubble divided galaxies into different “ classes” based on their appearance. Why begin here? Hubble classification serves.

Our Galaxy is a collection of stellar and interstellar matter – stars, gas, dust, - Immanuel Kant theorized that the galaxy has a planar structure, some. Formation of Galaxies. Spiral versus elliptical; Young Universe; Collisions and Interactions; Starbursts; Elliptical galaxies. Formation of a Spiral Galaxy. STARS AND GALAXIES The Life Cycle of a Star: Stars have a life cycle and evolve over time. The mass of a star controls its. Evolution Lifespan Ultimate fate .


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